What is Hot Grommet Surf Star Challenge?

It’s a board game that teaches kids and adults about beach safety.

Hot Grommet is a board game that uses fun methods to educate novice surfers, their parents and all beachgoers about Surf survival, Surf etiquette, First aid, The importance of UV and skin protection, Health and fitness, Recognition of respect of dangerous surf conditions, Respect for the environment and Drug and alcohol awareness plus their effect on health and fitness.

The participants manoeuvre their tokens through a variety of beach conditions where they will be assigned certain circumstances and asked to perform tasks where they will be consequently rewarded or penalised, depending on their response to the task.

In reality, all participants are winners as they will have gained a wealth of knowledge regarding life experience including healthy eatingCPRFirst Aid, guarding against melanoma and carcinoma, recognising dangerous surf conditions and harmful creatures, how to avoid conflict, what to do in an emergency and more!

The Hot Grommet Surf Star Challenge is a useful education tool that is utilised by the Surf Life Saving movement in Australia, at surf schools, throughout the Australian education system and in wherever people are at risk of exposure to dangerous swimming and surf conditions.


Are you a K-6 Teacher? Find out how Hot Grommet can be applied to the K-6 PD/H/PE Syllabus here or use the For Teachers button in the menu bar.

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