NSW Premier Mike Baird has thrown his support behind Hot Grommet.

We have received plenty of feedback from parents, community leaders, schools and politicians about how important a board game like Hot Grommet is for young kids who play at and around beaches in the Summer.

The NSW Premier, Mike Baird, has been one of those parents, community leaders and politicians to have shown his support for the game saying “I am pleased to support Hot Grommet as I believe it to be a highly valuable tool which not only prepares participants for beach safety, but prepares them for life.”

Mike Baird also commented about how “fun-filled” the game is “due to its intelligent design and format.” More importantly, he said, “the lessons it teaches may just save lives in the future.”

Barton Lynch, World Champion Surfer, had this to say about Hot Grommet: “What a great idea and way to educate the kids on surf safety at the same time as having fun. Also love the idea of getting the family together to play a game instead of them all being alone and stuck on their devices. Great initiative.”

And many parents from right up and down the coast have all had great things to say about Hot Grommet:

  • “Way to go, excellent learning tool for the groms and fun too!”
  • “This is a great game. Really gets you in. The family had a laugh playing this. Really enjoyable and educational. A must for the home and any budding young surfers out there.”
  • “This is the right game for everyone who wants to educate their kids by stealth. We had a ball with our kids, we all bonded and had fun.”
  • “This is the greatest surf education game ever!”

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