Hot Grommet Surf Star Challenge – Buy it now

boxWhat’s in the box:

  • 6 x surfer tokens,
  • 1 x set of sand cards,
  • 1 x set of swim cards,
  • 1 x set of soft paddle cards,
  • 1 x set of fibreglass cards,
  • 1 x set of Training Bonus cards,
  • 1 x rule book and glossary,
  • 2 x die and 1 x game board.

Price: $59.95

COMING SOON: Virtual Reality Videos & Headsets that sync with the game question cards. 

* Orders will be shipped through Australia Post and StarTrack. Shipping is a FREE within Australia.

For all Schools, Clubs, Organisations who are after bulk prices, please head to the bulk order page.

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